Purchase of cereals and oilseed rape

Purchase of cereals and oilseed rape
We run year-round purchase of cereals, legumes and oilseeds. We offer competitive prices, flexible terms pickup / delivery, short payment terms.

sales of fertilizers

On request, we provide agricultural chemicals and seed and the world's leading domestic manufacturers


We are independent! We have a modern fleet of trucks.
We are flexible! Our logistics department is working around the clock.
We are dependable! Thanks to the synergy of knowledge and long-standing practice, the flow in the supply chain of goods is smooth.




We strongly believe, that our clients' success leads to our success, therefore always, when we buy crops or where we offer the necessary measures for crop production focus on building long-term cooperation based on trust and partnership. because we know, that without prosperity of Polish agriculture, our development will be impossible.


Our directions of trade

wide cooperation

Our major trading partners are more concentrated market: German, Dutch and Scandinavian. We work with the largest importers, feed mills and mieszalniami. Thanks to the reliability we have gained their trust. We are one of the leading export in western Poland.

How we do it

We rely on road and maritime transport. Thanks to the convenient location of our warehouses in the north-western Poland on the main transport routes in a short time we are able to supply any quantity contracted goods. We have our own fleet of vehicles to transport goods in bulk.


Polishagri Sp. with o.o..
the. Holy Cross 30/63,
00-124 Warsaw

Address for correspondence

Polishagri Sp. with o.o..
the. the. Żelisławiecka 10f,
74-100 Gryfino

tel: +48 660 536 118
FAX: +48 91 886 64 06
E-mail: office@polishagri.pl

Laurance G. Bahri

Chairman of the Board
Tel: +48 606 442 212
E-mail: bahri@polishagri.pl

Radosław Kociucki

commercial Director
tel: +48 881 954 793
E-mail: kociucki@polishagri.pl

Marcin Kulesza

Branch manager
tel: +48 660 717 049
E-mail: kulesza@polishagri.pl


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